[[t]ˈoʊ pən[/t]] adj.
1) not closed or barred at the time, as a doorway or passageway by a door
2) (of a door, window sash, or the like) set so as to permit passage through the opening it can be used to close
3) having the interior immediately accessible, as a box with the lid raised
4) relatively free of obstructions
5) constructed so as not to be fully enclosed:
an open boat[/ex]
6) having relatively large or numerous spaces, voids, or intervals:
open ranks of soldiers[/ex]
7) relatively unoccupied by buildings, trees, etc.:
open country[/ex]
8) not covered or closed; with certain parts apart:
open eyes[/ex]
9) without a covering, esp. a protective covering; exposed:
an open wound[/ex]
10) extended or unfolded:
an open newspaper[/ex]
11) without restrictions as to who may participate:
an open session[/ex]
12) accessible or available:
Which job is open?[/ex]
13) cvb ready for or carrying on normal trade or business:
The new store is now open[/ex]
14) not engaged or committed:
open time[/ex]
15) exposed to general view or knowledge:
open disregard of the rules[/ex]
16) unreserved, candid, or frank, as a person or speech
17) generous, liberal, or bounteous:
to give with an open hand[/ex]
18) liable or subject:
open to question[/ex]
19) undecided; unsettled:
several open questions[/ex]
20) without effective or enforced legal, commercial, or moral regulations:
an open town[/ex]
21) unguarded by an opponent:
An open receiver caught the pass[/ex]
22) noting the part of the sea beyond headlands or enclosing areas of land
23) free of navigational hazards:
an open coast[/ex]
24) not yet balanced or adjusted, as an account
25) phn
a) (of a vowel) articulated with a relatively large opening above the tongue or with a relatively large oral aperture, as the vowel sound of cot; low
Compare close 50)
b) (of a syllable) ending with a vowel
Compare closed 6)
26) gram. (of a compound word) written with the constituent words separated by a space, as
police officer[/ex]
27) mad mus (of a string) not stopped by a finger
28) math. Math.
(of a set) consisting of points having neighborhoods wholly contained in the set, as the set of points within a circle
29) tex (of a fabric or weave) so loosely constructed that spaces are visible between warp and filling yarns
30) to move (a door, window sash, etc.) from a shut or closed position
31) to render (a doorway, window, etc.) unobstructed
32) to render the interior of (a box, drawer, etc.) readily accessible
33) to make accessible or available:
to open a port for trade[/ex]
34) to establish for business purposes or for public use:
to open an office[/ex]
35) cvb to set in action, begin, start, or commence (sometimes fol. by up):
to open the bidding[/ex]
36) to uncover, lay bare, or expose to view
37) to expand, unfold, or spread out:
to open a map[/ex]
38) to make less compact or less closely spaced:
to open ranks[/ex]
39) to disclose, reveal, or divulge
40) to render (the mind) accessible to knowledge, sympathy, etc
41) to make or produce (an opening):
to open a way through a crowd[/ex]
42) to make an opening in
43) law Law.
law to revoke (a decree, judgment, etc.) esp. so as to hear further arguments
44) to become open
45) to afford access or have an opening to a place:
a door that opens into a garden[/ex]
46) (of a building) to open its doors to the public
47) to begin, start, or commence:
The game opened with the national anthem[/ex]
48) to part or seem to part:
The clouds opened[/ex]
49) to become disclosed or revealed
50) to come into view; become more visible or plain
51) (of the mind) to become receptive to knowledge, sympathy, etc
52) to spread out or expand, as the hand or a fan
53) to turn the pages of a book, newspaper, etc.:
Open to page 22[/ex]
54) to spread or come apart; burst:
The wound opened[/ex]
55) to become less compact or less closely spaced:
The ranks began to open[/ex]
56) phv sts open up
a) to make or become open
b) to begin firing a gun, or the like
c) to share or become willing to share one's feelings, confidences, etc
57) an open or clear space
58) the open air or the outdoors
59) the open water, as of the sea
60) an opening or aperture
61) an opening or opportunity
62) spo a contest or tournament in which both amateurs and professionals may compete
Etymology: bef. 900; ME, OE o′pen•ly, adv. o′pen•ness, n. syn: See frank I.

From formal English to slang. 2014.

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